Robotic Crack Sealer


  • Safety
  • Labor Savings
  • Material Savings
  • Quality Improvement with Robot
  • Data collection (distance traveled, linear feet sealed, pounds material used, road type)


  • 24/7 tech support
  • 1-year warranty on all parts & equipment
  • First-year training & calibration by a certified technician
  • Remote monitoring, data collection, monthly reports
  • Licensing rights to use RMV patented technology
  • Monthly software license, including updates


  1. Contact your local SealMaster franchise
  2. Request a detailed quote
  3. Submit deposit with purchase order to enter build que
  4. Receive monthly build updates
  5. Submit second deposit with chassis & robot in-house
  6. Submit final payment to receive delivery of the truck
  7. Receive training & support


Automate your preventative maintenance with RMV!

Robotic Crack Sealer Features:

Designed for maximum safety and efficiency

  • Keeps crew members off the road and inside the vehicle.
  • Capable of 24/7 operation
  • FANUC robot – 6-axis, R2000iC/165 with line tracking.
  • Blowoff system – 15HP Turbine with 12-foot air nozzle blowoff.
  • SealMaster Crack Pro 260 Melter Applicator.
  • VISTA Advanced AI Vision Software equipped with cameras
    and lasers.
  • Stateline generator – 480V / 3ph / 18kw / 23 amp Output



Class 7 (33,000 GVW) or Class 8 (80,000 GVW)

Overall Height 128″
Transport Width 100″
Crack Sealing Width 96″ | 120″ | 144″
Bed Length 240″ | 288″
Tank Capacity 260 Gallons
Blower Width 96″ | 120″ | 144″

U.S. Patent No. 11,795,637

Robotic Crack Sealer


The Robotic Crack Sealer offers a highly efficient solution for crack sealing, with a state-of-the-art robotic system that ensures precise application. It also includes a powerful blowoff system to remove debris, a custom-made melter for effective sealing, and an advanced AI vision system for quality control.

The whole system is powered by a robust generator, which ensures consistent and reliable operation, making it a top-tier choice for effective and efficient crack sealing.


U.S. Patent No. 11,795,637

fanuc robot

6 axis R2000iC/165 w/ line tracking

blow off system

15HP Turbine w/ 11ft air nozzle blowoff


480V / 3ph 18kw – 23 amp Output

Custom CrackPro 260 Melter

vision AI system

Advanced AI Vision Software equipped with cameras and lasers

Safety gate to allow Fanuc robot to work in an enclosed area