Manual Dual Wand

Manual Dual Wand Features:

Sealmaster Crack Pro 260

  • Manual dual-heated hoses
  • Electric motors & controls
  • Adjustable material flow at wand with reverse


Medium Duty Truck Chassis

  • Air ride with steel flatbed
  • Flashing & night work lights
  • Safety E-stop buttons


Air Blowoff System

  • Turbine blower with powerful air curtain
  • Adjustable & directional airflow positioning


Diesel Generator

  • Power source for electrical components


Integrated into one truck

    • Reduce equipment needs 
    • Easier to mobilize and deploy
    • Deck space for material storage
    • Fuel efficient = $ savings


Electric motors and controls

    • Adjustable material flow at the handle with revenue
    • No hydraulics = no mess
    • Less maintenance required


Air Blowoff System 

    • Cleans debris from cracks & pavement surface
    • Reduce labor needs


Dual Pumps and Wands

    • Increase material output & productivity
    • Larger sealing envelope

U.S. Patent No. 11,795,637