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Road work is incredibly dangerous, so we developed the Robotic Crack Sealer to save lives, by moving road workers out of harm’s way.

Robotic Crack Sealer

Robotic Crack Sealer

Manual Dual Wand

manual dual wand
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Robotic Maintenance Vehicles began with a concept from Pioneer Industrial Systems to provide safer work zones for our nation’s highway maintenance crews. The concern was recognized by the president of PIS, when he noticed how dangerous crack sealing and other basic road maintenance tasks are. To bring this concept to life, we have integrated an R2000 onto a truck chassis, equipped with components that create a more efficient form of work. RMV performs faster and more accurate maintenance, reducing the amount of equipment and labor needed, conserving material and money, and keeping roadworkers out of harm’s way.


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benefits of robotic maintenance vehicles

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Improved Safety

Reduced Labor Requirements

Material Savings

Sealing Performance Data

Operate Day & Night

Reduced Equipment Needs


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