Robotic Maintenance Vehicles began as a concept from Pioneer Industrial Systems (PIS) to provide safer work zones for our nation’s highway maintenance crews. As an Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC America, Pioneer Industrial Systems’ expertise is in robotics and automation, specifically in the areas of fluid dispensing, vision systems, line tracking, modular designs, and system integration. The team had repeatedly found that automation increases safety and realized that it could help greatly reduce the risks when it came to road maintenance work and bring many more benefits. 

The safety concern was recognized in late 2019 by the president of PIS, Todd Hendricks, when he noticed on his daily commute to work how dangerous crack sealing and other basic road maintenance tasks were. Routine road maintenance entails high-risk safety conditions, high labor costs, and labor-intensive. When it comes to Pioneer Industrial Systems, their goal is to create solutions that make a difference. Todd had wondered how he could apply their robotic integration expertise to increase safety and efficiency in routine road maintenance.  

Todd Hendricks said, “We can do that with a robot!” 

To bring this concept to life, we have integrated an R2000iC onto a full truck chassis, equipped with components that create a more efficient form of maintenance work. RMV® performs faster and more accurate maintenance, reducing the amount of equipment and labor needed, conserving material and money, and keeping road workers out of harm’s way. We made RMV possible with the help of the hard work of the team at PIS for the design and build, service and support, and continuous development.

 Through the development, we have received significant help from our strategic partners:

Pioneer Industrial Systems

Design & Development


Sealant Equipment Partner


Department of Defense Partner

Vista Solutions

Smart Visions & AI Software Partner

Between Pioneer, Vista, SealMaster, and necoTECH, RMV has been innovated into the best form of itself due to its productive components. 

RMV consists of a truck chassis equipped with an integrated blow-off system, as well as AI Vision Software that has the ability of scanning and measuring cracks. The information of the scanned road distresses is then relayed to the FANUC robot. The robot then dispenses a precise amount of material that is held within our custom SealMaster Kettle. All the components are powered by a State-Line Generator, making us capable of bringing a solution to the concern of unsafe and inefficient road maintenance.

If you’d like to find out more information about the major impact that the robotic crack sealer is already making on roadways across America, or if you’d just like to discuss your own needs with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t hesitate to contact our team today!

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