One of our strategic partners with the help in the development of the RMV®, Pioneer Industrial Systems (PIS), is the proud recipient of the 2022 FANUC America Innovative System of the Year award.


FANUC America Corporation presented the award in Miami, Florida at their annual Authorized System Integrator Conference. PIS won the award for its innovative use of taking a FANUC R200iC robot from the factory to America’s highway. This cutting-edge innovation will remove roadcrews from an unsafe work environment. Also limiting the need of putting workers in hazardous conditions. One operator is all that is needed to get the job done. The single operator is kept safely inside the cab of the RMV truck. This is beneficial as the single operator is left safely inside the truck, and while remaining crew members can be completing other tasks on the job, that may be safer and efficient. 

While the FANUC is not alone on the truck, it is in collaboration with many other innovative components. The FANUC R200iC robot is surrounded by a safety cage and safety lights as it dispenses the asphalt repairing substance. Safety is the main reason why Robotic Maintenance Vehicles was brought up to leave the dirty, dangerous, and disengaging work of preventative maintenance to robotics.

We are extremely proud of the entire team for the dedication it took to win this prestigious award from FANUC America Corporation.

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