There are various types of distress within pavement, cracks being one of them. Major concerns within cracks are preventable if proper repairs, like crack sealing, happen in the early stages. Pavement distress is an effect of all kinds of reasons- varying from 

robotic. crack sealing

  • Temperature  
  • Continuous climate changes  
  • Heavy traffic loads 
  • Aged pavement 

All of which eventually form into cracks in your asphalt pavement. 

Keeping Up With Road Repairs

Road repairs consist of tasks that should be kept up with regularly. Otherwise, you have more significant problems in-store within your pavement than you would expect. Even the beginning of a small crack on the street has greater issues in store than you think. From these small cracks caused by environmental distresses, they can form into larger cracks.  The first small crack usually forms from natural environmental distress such as  

  • UV rays 
  • Snow  
  • Rain  
  • Sleet  

Over the changes of the seasons, UV rays from the sun can cause natural damage to the interior of your pavement and snow, rain, and sleet, which quickly fill the cracks on the roads, which brings more work on your end. Cracks constantly form adverse, damaging effects and result in an ongoing, more costly issue that will require more time and attention to bring life back into the pavement.

crack sealingWhen it comes to keeping streets, highways, parking lots, etc.maintained, crack sealing is one of the most important first steps to keeping your pavement looking fresh and kept up for a longer life span.  

Without performing proper repairs at the right time, cracks allow the flow of water into the base of the asphalt and settle, which begins to cause more issues. Once the water has reached the bottom of your pavement, it expands the pavement. From this ongoing cycle, stripping pavement and potholes becomes an addition to the small crack that has formed and spread within the given area.  As the temperature changes constantly and the weather is unpredictable – distress to your pavement is a common occurrence.

Crack Sealing is Easy With RMV®  

Pavement areas everywhere, whether it is on a road, highway, or parking lot, would last a longer life span by sealing cracks regularly. As it is also one less headache a maintenance crew has to worry about as often and as keeping up with maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. With road maintenance has a whole new process, due to the integration of robotics into the maintenance industry. The Robotic Crack Sealer has made it possible to increase efficiency and make road maintenance a safer environment, taking weight off of road crews’ shoulders everywhere. 

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