AI Meets Highway Maintenance

Improving Safety

Robotics and AI technology is rapidly changing the way businesses operate. From manufacturing to healthcare, AI and robotics transform how businesses produce, deliver, and manage products and services. In the Highway Maintenance industry, robotics and AI technology can help to improve safety, reduce labor costs, and increase efficiency. Like many industries, robotics and AI technology can improve safety in the Highway Maintenance industry by reducing the need for human operators to perform dangerous, dirty, and disengaging tasks. By using robots to perform hazardous jobs such as crack sealing, the number of accidents and fatalities among drivers and maintenance crews can be reduced.  

Labor Costs Down, Efficiency Up

Robotics and AI technology can also reduce labor costs in the Highway Maintenance industry. By automating dangerous tasks, the need for manual labor is reduced. This can help reduce labor costs and help preserve money. Additionally, AI can be used to improve the accuracy of calculations. This can help to improve efficiency and reduce mistakes. Robotics and AI technology can also increase efficiency in the Highway Maintenance industry. AI can be used to analyze data and provide insights into road conditions, allowing for more accurate predictions, fewer mistakes, and proactive maintenance. This can help reduce the time required to maintain roads, allowing crews to work faster and more efficiently.  

Utilizing AI Vision in the Robotic Crack Sealer

While the RMV® utilizes AI vision, it holds the capability of scanning and reading cracks in the road that need improvements. In this case, the AI vision can be used to quickly and accurately identify, measure, map out, and assess road conditions. This information can then be used to prioritize the repair and maintenance of roads as it is communicated to the robot. AI can also detect other deformations in the road surface, such as potholes, that may require further repair or attention from a manual crew. 
AI vision is an integral part of the Robotic Crack Sealer and helps to enhance the future of crack sealing, and road maintenance as a whole. As AI and robotics work together, RMV utilizes both to identify the best points for applying the sealant for repairs. The AI vision system can also be used to assess the condition of the road surface to determine the most suitable option for distress. The vision system can identify the best points to start and end the sealing process, ensuring a more accurate and efficient sealing job. It can also be used to monitor and adjust the sealant application rate, allowing for a more consistent and effective seal. This helps to reduce the risk of over-application or under-application of sealant, resulting in a longer-lasting and more effective seal. With RMV integrating AI vision into the process of crack sealing, the Robotic Crack Sealer is able to provide a safer, more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective solution for keeping roads in top condition. 

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