What is Crack Sealing? 

Crack sealing is the process of repairing the distress that occurs on our nation’s roads and highways over time with strong adhesive material. Usually, around five years after fresh asphalt is laid, cracks begin to form, and issues arise to the life of the pavement for several reasons. To refrain from major distress concerns and to keep pavement well maintained for a longer period of time, filling cracks with sealant is a primary step.  

robotic crack sealer

3 Reasons to Crack Seal 

    1. Preserves lifespan of pavement

Eliminating cracks with bonding material helps adjust the pavement and reduces the chances of creating larger, more costly issues. Filling cracks leaves little to no room for waterflow, avoids deteriorating damage, and bonds asphalt back together to maintain the overall quality. By ignoring the attention and work that roads and highways need in the early stages of cracking, the workload to repair pavement becomes larger and may require repaving altogether, which is far more time-consuming and labor-intensive.  

    2. Crack sealing is cost-effective

Crack sealing is a simple first step to buying extra time for your asphalt and keeping it looking fresh and well-kept. Routine crack sealing is a more affordable option when it comes to repairing roads. By only having to crack seal regularly, you are dealing with a handful of asphalt cracks versus spending extra time, money, and resources to restore additional issues within asphalt for larger damages such as potholes, rutting, or alligator cracking. 

robotic. crack sealing
    3. Crack Sealing can now be done with robotics

When considering the number of safety concerns within a task like crack sealing, robotics seems to be the perfect solution to the question of how to make this job process safer for crews. To create a safer environment while increasing productivity and efficiency, RMV® has created a Robotic Crack Sealer.  

Robotics are being implemented in all types of industries to enhance the efficiency, safety, and performance of the type of labor being done. Utilizing robotics in the road and highway maintenance industry saves more time and money for contractors and governments of all types when it comes to struggling to find experienced labor to get the job done. All while preserving material, resources, and money with the Robotic Crack Sealer. 

With the combination of FANUC’s most popular robot – an R2000iC, an integrated blow-off system, and artificial intelligence smart vision, crack sealing is safer and easier than ever. With Robotic Maintenance Vehicles, the automated system detects, scans, and maps out road cracks while eliminating debris from cracks, leaving the robot to dispense proper amounts of sealant to each crack. During this process, the AI vision system records larger issues such as alligator cracks and potholes for a crew to go back and repair at a later date. This form of crack sealing removes workers from having to perform tedious tasks in the danger of traffic. 

If you would like to improve the safety and efficiency of your crack sealing routines, feel free to contact our team today! 

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