This past week, Robotic Maintenance Vehicles had the opportunity to travel to Charlotte, NC, for the 2022 National Pavement Expo (NPE).

Contractors and vendors from across the US attend the show to highlight their products and meet with like-minded individuals to discuss all things pavement and maintenance of asphalt surfaces. While in Charlotte, our team had the chance to debut the RMV® alongside some of our strategic partners, NecoTECH, and SealMaster. SealMaster was generous enough to make room to showcase the RMV in its booth at NPE.

While at the NPE show Steve Flaherty, CEO and Founder of necoTECH, and Todd Hendricks Jr had the opportunity to step away from the activity and complete a licensing agreement for the Department of Defense (DoD) between RMV and necoTECH.

necoTECH is a start-up company based out of Delaware, OH, with a goal to reduce plastic waste and incorporate plastics into building an eco-friendly infrastructure. necoTECH works with innovative technologies collaborating to create a more efficient form of work beneficial to the environment and infrastructure. The strategic partnership with necoTech and the RMV will allow the repair of the asphalt on runways at military bases across the country.

The RMV is heading from Tennessee to Mississippi by invitation of the Department of Defense (DoD); then at the end of March, the RMV will be in Panama City, FL, with necoTECH at the Tyndall Air Force Base for a demo of its full capabilities to repair military runways!

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