Transforming Work Environments through Robotics

Road maintenance is a crucial aspect of ensuring safe and efficient transportation systems. However, it comes with a myriad of challenges that can be hazardous and costly. Fortunately, RMV (Road Maintenance Vehicles) has introduced an innovative robotic solution that directly tackles the critical issues faced in road maintenance operations. By effectively addressing exposure to traffic […]

Revolutionizing Road Maintenance

In today’s rapidly advancing world, automation has emerged as a powerful force that is transforming hazardous work environments. By harnessing the capabilities of robotics, industries are eliminating dangerous, dirty, and disengaging tasks, paving the way for safer, more efficient operations.   Eliminating Danger One of the most significant advantages of automation is the ability to […]

Enhancing Safety with Robotics

Maintaining road infrastructure is crucial for ensuring safe and sustainable transportation systems. FANUC robotics have been integrated as a groundbreaking solution that automates preventative road maintenance, revolutionizing the way roads are maintained. The Challenges of Manual Road Maintenance Road maintenance is a vital aspect of ensuring safe and efficient transportation networks. Traditionally, road crews have […]

A New Era of Efficiency and Safety

Ai in Construction

The construction and highway maintenance industry has been traditionally known for being a labor-intensive field. However, with the advent of automation and AI technology, the industry is undergoing a significant transformation. The Uprising of Automation The construction industry has been slow to adopt automation due to the perception that it is a labor-intensive field. However, […]

AI Meets Highway Maintenance

Improving Safety Robotics and AI technology is rapidly changing the way businesses operate. From manufacturing to healthcare, AI and robotics transform how businesses produce, deliver, and manage products and services. In the Highway Maintenance industry, robotics and AI technology can help to improve safety, reduce labor costs, and increase efficiency. Like many industries, robotics and […]


What is Crack Sealing?  Crack sealing is the process of repairing the distress that occurs on our nation’s roads and highways over time with strong adhesive material. Usually, around five years after fresh asphalt is laid, cracks begin to form, and issues arise to the life of the pavement for several reasons. To refrain from […]


Robotic Crack Sealer

The Increase of Work Zone Accidents   Maintaining our nation’s infrastructure is vital as it impacts our everyday lives, moving goods and people from place to place. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the average person drives nearly 14,263 miles per year. Road and highway maintenance crews across the country work day in and […]


In June of 2022, a 31-year-old driver was headed down I-80 near Vacaville, California. But what initially seemed like a totally normal day quickly turned to tragedy. That driver struck and killed a Caltrans employee who was dutifully working on the side of the highway. Worse yet, the driver fled the scene. After he was […]


 As is true with other areas of our country’s infrastructure, the roadways of America play a pivotal role in how we live our daily lives. High-quality roads are essential for getting to school, getting to our jobs, seeing our friends and loved ones and so much more. Having said that, while road construction work zones […]


road workers

For years, there has been a fear in a variety of industries that robotics and automation, in general, were coming to “steal” jobs from hardworking men and women across the country. This is perhaps no more evident than it has been in terms of road work, where new solutions are emerging all the time that […]