Robotic Crack Sealer

Robotic Crack Sealer

As a system integrator, Pioneer has partnered with industry leaders to source the top components for the Robotic Crack Sealer. Beginning with Seal Master, a one-stop source for all your pavement maintenance products and equipment with locations all across the United States. FANUC is the global leader in automation solutions, as the largest industrial robot manufacturer with over half a million robots deployed around the world. Vista Solutions is your machine vision solution provider specializing in vision guided robotics with custom developed smart and AI powered vision solutions.

The Robotic Crack Sealer is outfitted with a SealMaster CrackPro custom melter, retrofitted with electric driven agitation and dispense pump, jacketed hoses, and a custom EOAT dispense nozzle.

FANUC America Corporation 6-axis robot equips the Robotic Crack Sealer with extensive reach and payload capabilities. Rated for over 100k hours, FANUC robots have been withstanding harsh manufacturing conditions for decades. These robots are reliable, repeatable, and dependable.

Vista Solutions has developed a smart vision system equipped with 3D line scanners and lasers. Located under the collapsible shroud, which keeps light sources from interfering. The scanned pavement data is sent to a PC and uses a series of algorithms to accurately identify and discern which cracks require sealant. The PC then processes the image and sends the correct data points on the road to the robot.

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